From the open range to outer space, Luna Strata can provide any type of music for any type of scenario. Have a listen to some music demos below!


Western Demo - Luna Strata
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Retro Synth

Retro Synth Demo - Luna Strata
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World Demo - Luna Strata
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Music from the Stage Production of


Ray Bradbury's own words are front and center in this brand-new, exuberant stage tribute, featuring Emmy Award-winner Bill Oberst Jr. as Ray, authorized by his estate, and performed by permission of Ray Bradbury Literary Works and Don Congdon Associates, Inc. With large-screen video, an original music score, excerpts from classic Bradbury like "A Sound Of Thunder," "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and "The Martian Chronicles" - even a surprise appearance by 'Maggie,' his beloved wife - Ray Bradbury Live (forever) whirls through worlds fantastic, from Mars to the Cretaceous to the human heart. Life-affirming. Death- defying. Just like Ray.

Listen to a demo from the official score below

Ray Bradbury Live (Forever) Music Demo - Luna Strata - Composed by Brian lee
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Go inside the story of 20th Century rodeo legends, up-and-comers, fourth generation ranchers, and connoisseurs of western history in the new series, “Special Cowboy Moments” a half-hour docu-series that captures the heart of the steadfast western spirit.



In the Old West, a preacher turned gunslinger must find and stop his childhood friend from her rampage of violent witchcraft before she is beyond saving. Joining him is famous African-American Marshal Bass Reeves, who is caught up in an adventure beyond anything he's ever faced before. Madness, blood and magic ensue, but the steadfast love of a faithful friend may yet save the day.

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